Gardy Lawrence
Alan Stonesifer
Derf Maitland
Walter Mehring
Mark Sterrett

The Boomers formed after Alan Stonesifer and Gardy Lawrence played their first reunion concert with The Brutes, their original 1960’s band, in March of 2008. As a result of the year’s preparation for that reunion, a strong musical bond was rekindled between Alan and Gardy. After a very intense year of successful preparation with the Brutes, Alan and Gardy felt that somehow they had to stay together musically rather than go their separate ways. Since fellow Brutes Jay Beamer and Steve Snyder had a full-time gig with the Al Parsons Band, Alan and Gardy decided to form a band of their own to keep performing, and were joined by keyboardist Dave Scheaffer and bass player Mark Sterrett, along with drummer Ken Mayers, in late March of 2008. In late June of 2008, Dave Scheaffer left The Boomers to join Misery Road, a Blues oriented band. Derf Maitland, brother of original Brutes bass player John Maitland, then joined the Boomers, bringing a multitude of keyboarding skills to the band. Two drummers, Ken Mayers and Steve Botterbush, worked with the band through 2008 and 2009, until Walter Mehring settled into the Boomers style in December of 2009.

Based out of High Rock Road in the Pigeon Hills, The Boomers were created to play some of the very best songs from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and create memorable sets, that are as much fun to listen to as it is for them to play, and make it appealing to anyone who is a fan of rock music from that era.

Bob Baker adds visual effects to many shows through the use of computer imagery to enhance the 1960’s experience as one listens or dances to a Boomers’ performance. We hope that you enjoy the show.



Gardy Lawrence – Vocals
Derf Maitland – Keyboards, Guitar, and Vocals
Walter Mehring – Drums
Mark Sterrett – Bass and Vocals
Alan Stonesifer – Guitar and Vocals
Bob Baker – Visual Effects